A question that’s often asked is “what the heck is an a la carte proposal?” Good question.

An “A La Carte” proposal is options. When you look at one of our reports or proposals, there will be line items. All of the line items are listed for a reason and are valid options tailored to your particular crawlspace. Once you have received the options for your crawlspace, please, ask questions. Let us walk you through all of the options and how they relate to each other. Contrary to popular belief, we do not bite; we are not contagious icky moldy people; and we are actually quite pleasant to talk to if it’s not real early in the morning. 🙂

But… you may not want all of these options. You might want only 4 of the 6 options offered. Maybe you want to wait on a portion of the work till later. You may want to take care of the insulation yourself…or the vapor barrier…or the removal of trash…whatever. Our feelings will not be hurt if you decide to take on part of the process, delay part of the process or only want some of the scope of work. We are just happy you chose us to participate in some form or fashion.

We do however, highly recommend you leave the microbial portion to us!