I was born and raised in Sanford, North Carolina. When I was 12, I started working for my grandfather during the summer as a construction laborer and that is when I found my passion. At 15 years old, I officially started working part time for a construction company in Sanford. I was promoted to a construction worker a few months after that. I continued working for them until the owner decided to retire 7 years later. At that time, I had reached the title of Construction Foreman. I decided to branch out my own and I opened up my own construction business sub-contracting for Brad Simpson Construction. I worked for him for a few years as a Lead Foreman until we were bought out by Sanford Contractors. I worked for Sanford Contractors another few years until I met Rich. He told me about the mold remediation business and all that comes with it, it really piqued my interest. I was ready to dive into something new and eventually joined his team as Superintendent/Project Manager and the rest will be history.  As we move into General Contracting, I will be able to continue to use my carpentry skills and I am excited about that!!