The Disruptor in the Mold Industry

We try hard not to be like other companies.

Here’s the how and the why:

Sure, there are those out there touting their wares as being “different” but when it gets right down to it, they eventually reveal themselves to be the same as everyone else.  Slight differences here and there but nothing significant by any means.

We don’t want to operate like that.

We are not going to settle for just blending in or just being another option.  We want to be the best option out there, period… and gosh darn it, we are going to have fun while doing it.

Where does it say in the ancient texts of mold remediation protocols that you have to scare people into needing your business?  After perusing the micro films for days upon end, we couldn’t find it.

Why would you not want to protect your customer for the long term by making them part of the family and watching out after their best interests?  Again, beats us.

Why can’t you just provide good solid, common sense answers to your customers?  Answers that tell it like it is and don’t hide behind scary mold mumbo jumbo.  Well, we haven’t been fined for it by the mold police so I guess we’ll keep doing it.

We think it’s nice to be the alternative to the norm.  An Industry Disruptor so to speak.

Our primary goal is to provide you, the customer, with accurate information.  Information that simply tells you what your issues are (if any).  Then we give you options on how to fix it.  Plus, we stick by what we have done through annual inspections for as long as you own your home…at no charge.   Crazy right?

As a side note: sometimes our customers have no real issues and, get this, we actually just tell them they don’t need us.  

We work backwards from trying to help you figure out what your situation is first and then whether or not you can or want to take care of it yourselves.

We are constantly trying to innovate the process of providing information to the masses.  Our Virtual Mold Consulting service is a prime example of how we do business with you in mind.  If you have a potential problem, take some pictures and send them to us.  Then give us a call.  Many times we can walk you through what the potential problem is right then and there. Heck, get your iPad or IPhone out and facetime with us.  The gist is, you get real information when you want it, in your pajamas if you like, without having to wait for us to come to you.  We can usually assess if it is something you need to worry about or if it is something you could possibly take care of yourself.  We want you know what you’re dealing with and if warranted, we will send an inspector out to see it in person…at no charge.

It’s that easy!

However…it only works if you get honest, reliable, credible and dependable information.  The cost and time savings are huge…for both of us!! No re-arranging a day so you can meet somebody who may or may not be on time and may or may not have been worth the time you had to give up in order to meet them in person.

It’s so simple it’s hard to believe it can be done…until you think about it.  Technology can change a lot in people’s lives.   It can change industries.  We may not change the mold industry…but we can help people feel better about their situations early on in the process…instead of finding things out on the internet that scare the heck out of you.

The bottom line is this, we are here for our customers.  You are what got us to this point and we just want to genuinely take care of you.

Is that so wrong?

Give us a call and see what we are about.  You’ll be glad you did.