column-wrapColumn wrap is where we extend the vapor barrier up the support columns/piers 8 to 10 inches and seal it off at the top – essentially “wrapping” the support column/pier. It helps to prevent the exposed soil around a column which, overtime, can act as a “leaky faucet” by releasing moisture into the air where exposed. It is almost impossible to get a good seal around a support column otherwise. It also helps to lock in the barrier (along with staking) and keep it in place. Barriers can get moved around a bit when service technicians (i.e.: HVAC, bug) travel in and out to perform their services.


MSG uses commercial grade dehumidifiers with 5 to 6 year manufacturer warranties. These units are designed to be energy efficient. Our typical dehumidifier install includes the following: 1 dehumidifier (sized appropriately for the space); hard-piping of the dehumidifier condensate line to the exterior of the home to an appropriate location away from the homes foundation; sealing of all foundation vents with rigid foam and expanding foam to seal the edges; weather stripping of the door; sealing of any other area necessary.

MSG engages our licensed electrician contractor for the install of the necessary GFCI outlet.


In your particular crawlspace, a thorough scope requires the following line items:
1, 2 (both thorough and minimal in the recommended areas), 3, 4 and dehumidifier.

A note on line item 2. In the report, I broke this section up into two distinct areas. The reason for this is that there is different pricing for the two approaches necessary. 940 sqft of the crawlspace needs the thorough approach because the growth is heaviest there. The remaining 1000 sqft can be remediated below the insulation line because the growth isn’t as heavy. Both approaches have their own price point so they were divided into two different line items. This is as much for our crews benefit as it is for our customers because it helps the scope of work to be very clear.

We cannot provide a warranty on a scope of work devised by our customers unless it is deemed “thorough” by our standards.

Note: see an example of our reports so that this answer makes sense 🙂