Project 3 bathroom growth

I have black spots growing on my bathroom ceiling and walls!

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This is usually caused by a lack of adequate ventilation in the bathroom. Who doesn’t like to take a steamy shower in the winter time and still be warm when we get out of the shower because of all the warm steam we’ve made? Well, you’re doing more damage than good. Once you are done with your shower, what do you do? You close the shower door or curtain don’t you? You walk out of the bathroom, turn off the exhaust fan and often close that door behind you right? What’s that you say? You don’t have an exhaust fan! Well there ya go.


The Exhaust Fan

Always use the exhaust fan during a shower. Once you are done, leave the fan running for at least 30 minutes after the shower.

  • Install a timer on the exhaust fan so that you don’t have to remember that you should leave the fan on for 30 minutes.
  • Consider upgrading to an exhaust fan that senses humidity. These units are great and all you have to do is turn a switch on and leave it on. The fan does the rest…when it needs to.
  • Don’t close your shower door or curtain when you are done. Let that area breath. Ok, so you may still get a bit on your shower curtain over time but hey, that’s way cheaper to replace than your walls.
  • Don’t have an exhaust fan? There are hundreds of reputable companies in the triangle that will gladly install one for you. An appropriately sized exhaust fan is a must have!
  • Happy with your current fan? Make sure it is up to the task. Hold some toilet paper up the exhaust fan. If it gets sucked towards the fan, it’s working properly. If nothing happens, chances are its not.
  • Always keep the fan clean. They tend to accumulate a lot of dust.

The Black Growth on the ceiling and walls

  • Safety remember? Use the proper PPE!!!
  • Purchase from your local hardware store 2 grout sponges. Grout sponges can be found in the tile section. We use these because they are larger and last longer.
  • Purchase from Lowe’s or Home Depot a bottle of “Mold Control” (usually found in the paint section but we have also found it in the roofing section. Why we don’t know). This product comes ready to use and be acquired in spray bottles or gallon jugs. For your purposes, the spray bottle will be sufficient.
  • Spray the cleaning product onto the surface you are treating.
  • Now, take one of the sponges and clean the area. Once cleaned, set that sponge aside.
  • Re-apply the cleaning product to the area of concern and take the second sponge and gently wipe the excess off.
  • Let dry and you’re done with the treatment.
  • If staining is left behind, you will want to apply a couple of coats of a quality primer and then re-paint. When repainting, please keep in mind that a ceiling white is one of the hardest colors to match. Make sure you feather the edges of the area you are painting into the existing to minimize color differences as best possible.

The process listed above generally works for problems that have just started to occur. Unfortunately, we have seen many cases where the client has been wrestling with this problem for years and has just now gotten around to calling us. The story goes: “I keep cleaning it off and it eventually comes back worse than it was before.” We get the call when the problem reaches a level that its now quite concerning to the homeowner. At this point, it may be too late. You may be looking at replacing your drywall. If this sounds like you, seize the opportunity. It’s a great time to consider a remodel!