Rich Lisowsky

After 20 years as a Consultant/ Investment Banker in a few different spots of this great country of ours… my wife Mary and I moved to Chapel Hill with our two children. Seventeen years later, our daughter Samantha, a graduate of UNC Wilmington, is a newlywed and lives and works in Wilmington, N.C. Our son Markham, a recent graduate from Appalachian State with a Business Management Degree, is now working with us and we are thrilled to have him helping us with the family business!!

It’s interesting how fate serves you sometimes. Mold remediation was not the career that I sought out when we moved here. We first arrived in Chapel Hill in 2000 and had a quick excursion to Texas in 2005. When we moved back to Chapel Hill in 2006, the house we were moving into had a water filtration system that was not draining properly. The result was that water was dumped in an area… which then allowed the mold to grow.

I set out to try and get help to get rid of the mold. Easier said than done. We had trouble getting anyone to come to our home to address the problem and do it yourself remedies were not readily available. So, with the help of a friend, we fixed the leak, removed damaged material, and used the right chemical solutions to remediate the area properly.

I began discussing this topic with realtors and property managers. I had no idea what an issue mold and mold remediation can be at times in the sale/purchase and/or the upkeep/management of real estate in our area. In many cases, it seemed that mold remediation was wrongfully being sold as a scary, one-size fits all solution. The reality is that each household mold situation is unique, and may require special handling tailored specifically to the needs of that individual project.

With great motivation, I “invented” The Mold Solutions Group, the precursor to The Solutions Group Inc.

We are a company that listens. One that asks good questions. One that will help you understand your unique situation. We will guide you to what needs to take place in order to get you the results that you desire. Our goals are simple, treat you the way that you would like to be treated, and provide you solutions that meet and/or exceed your expectations.

We very much look forward to working with you.