We have agonized over this for a long time. Homeowners always validate our decision. Business owners always make us feel as though we are missing opportunities.

The question at hand: Whether or not to advertise on our vans!

You see at the moment, we are driving around in unmarked white vans. Some might say this is creepy I know but we just say-Hey, it’s what was on the shelf when we got it.The thing is, most homeowners don’t want a vehicle in their driveway screaming MOLD in huge colorful letters (and believe me…we have a design for the vans that is VERY nice!). What would the neighbors say? We try to be as low key as we possibly can without drawing attention the Haz-Mat operation going on under your house. We respect your privacy.

Although…we can totally see the other side of the argument as well. Why not advertise what we do?After all–we are good at it! Even proud of it! We are the best and we should want the world to know!How else is everyone that passes by in your neighborhood going to know what’s going on and who’s doing it. Chances are, their house is in the exact the same condition as yours. We do live in North Carolina for crying out loud! They need us just as bad as you do.Why can’t we ride down the highway flying our colors like our competition?

This is your chance to weigh in on the debate. For fun