Skimping On Scope

Here at MSG, we don’t just throw things out there because we like to hear ourselves talk.  Our approach to a project is based on our experience in controlling a problem.  We have, like many others, had our failures along the way but, unlike the others, we have learned and adapted from them.  So, when we have an opinion on how to correct your issue, there’s experience behind it.

We try to be very thorough in our reports.  You may think we just pop these out of a vending machine but there is actual thought behind every one of our reports/proposals.  You would be amazed at the gauntlet your proposed solution has been through by the time it gets to you.  In fact, we are so thorough, I’ll bet there isn’t one of our rival companies that haven’t been handed one of our reports and asked: “Can you do this?”  It feels good to know that we are saving our competition a lot of work.

If you are actually trying to solve a problem, we are your company.   If you have no intention of solving your problem, well, we will help with that too but we also let you know that when the problem comes back with a vengeance…it now just cost double.  Many of our clients that stopped short of an actual fix have been surprised to find that what we told them would happen, happened.  Don’t be that person.  Fix it right the first time.

Beware, we also have experience in finding out quickly who is just saying they want to do it right and who means it.

One other thing… if there is an issue that we feel could be detrimental to another as a direct result of our client, we exit stage left.  We do not cater to slight of hand and will not put our name on anything less than the up-n-up.  Please do not call us because now, everyone that has read this, understands why we all of a sudden withdrew our services.

We understand the different goals our clients have.  Seller vs. Buyer.  Tenant vs. Owner.  Both sides have objectives and they are not always the same.  We know this because we have been in the middle of it time and time again.   Whatever side we are on, we provide information on how to fix it and what will happen if you don’t.

It’s up to you to listen.