I hear ya…it just costs too much. And believe it or not, I understand. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that statement, I would be inhabiting warmer climates and frolicking in crystal blue waters. But alas, that is not the case. Instead, I keep plugging away undeterred, trying to convince the masses that cheaper is not necessarily better.

Personally, I have gone the cheap route many times in my life. One thing that has always been consistent with that decision is the stabbing pain I get when I look at the end result. “I could have done that better” usually follows or…”Haven’t you learned your lesson from the last time?” Many times after paying hard earned money for a cheaper bid given by someone who sold me a basket of golden eggs have I ended up tearing the whole project out and just doing it myself, at twice the cost. And I still hear ya…”It costs too much”.

If you’re looking for a job well done, you have to do your research and many times you have to trust your instincts. Many things go into the decision making process. How much time was spent in the initial assessment? Did the person actually care about what they do for a living and by that I mean, was there passion? How thorough was the assessment? Was advice given freely with no expectation or obligation? Were they knowledgeable about their craft? How did you feel about the person when they left? Were they someone you could envision sitting down with and having a conversation in the off hours or were you glad they were gone? Chances are if there is a certain level of thoroughness, honesty and passion in the individual, this carries over into the work they would perform at your home. If someone is willing to spend time with a client giving undivided attention, offering options, scenarios and theories freely… this is your company.

When it comes to a crawlspace, there are several considerations as well. Many options are available to you from a host of service providers. Some are “my way or the highway” options and some are based on what the client themselves want to achieve. Unfortunately, cost is a driving factor with these decisions. The costs are real. A legitimate company that offers mold remediation (the right way) has many cost variables on their plate just to stay in business. One should be wary of a bid that comes in thousands of dollars less. Chances are, that’s a “get in the door” price and the cost goes up from there.

Next time you’re in the market for someone to work on your home, please consider the end result. Cheaper is seldom better and initial cost for the better product is money saved in the long run.