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We are going to utilize this page for a variety of things for our community of homeowners.  Besides our customer appreciation giveaways, we will be adding pertinent articles, links and such that we hope you find helpful…or entertaining.  A little Edu-tainment where we can find it 🙂  If you have any suggestions…let us know!

 Things you can look forward to on the site:

– Guest Columnists

– Trivia Contest

– Pictures from projects


Check out the team I assembled…and why. 

Jeff Umbarger is my proverbial right hand man.  When he came on board in 2011, it allowed me to begin to implement a business plan based on the “pay it forward” concept or more commonly referred to as the Golden Rule.  Though Jeff earned his official degree from App State in Graphic Design…he comes from a family of carpenters and had a wealth of experience in the construction field. The timing was perfect for both of us when we came together.  He immediately upgraded the level of experience and knowledge to enable us to grow the types of services we have offered over the years. More importantly, he didn’t have to change his spots on how he represented the company and its capabilities.   Jeff and I both enjoy solving problems. Customers love his bedside manor and his detailed write ups. He really provides a great blueprint for anyone to understand their situation… while also being offered potential solutions. Read More…

Attention to Realtors and Property Managers

Be aware that you get 15% off if you choose us to help you with your situation!


Mold Remediation

Some pearls we’ve come across over the years…

  • No moisture, no mold.  You need it to be present in order for fungal activity to manifest itself

  • If you always tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said.

  • Don’t try to make a decision until you have all of your questions asked and answered.

  • We believe when testing and remediation services are provided, they should be done by independent companies.

  • Nothing wrong with asking for references.  Ask for a recent client that has had a similar scope of work done by that company.

  • If your home was built before 1978 you might consider getting a lead-based paint evaluation

Mold Solutions - Drainage


Existing Customers:

We have begun to offer warranty extensions against the return of fungal growth after initial warranty periods have expired. 

We currently offer two options (if eligible) : 

  • $89 for 1 year
  • $160 for 2 years

New Customers: 

Up to 6 years against the return of fungal growth  


It’s an opportunity to learn a little bit about your “potential” mold situation…before somebody comes out to your house.  How is that for efficient…especially if it is useful information.

We don’t like the word free, because of course we think it is worth something, but we don’t charge for this service.

Here’s our angle:

If I can save our company a trip out to your house and help you learn a little bit more about your situation over the phone…that’s efficient for both of us.

Virtual Mold Solutions…easy as 1,2,3.

You get immediate feedback from me in real time, instead of getting scared to death looking around the internet.

Recent tales from the crawl

Recent tales from the field

Above are some photos from a recent project we did over at a company called Qualicaps. Here is the link to the full loadout of pictures if you are interested in some more detail!