The Team

This is the team I have assembled…and why.

Jeff Umbarger is my proverbial right hand man.  When he came on board in 2011, it allowed me to begin to implement a business plan based on the “pay it forward” concept or more commonly referred to as the Golden Rule.  Though Jeff earned his official degree from App State in Graphic Design…he comes from a family of carpenters and had a wealth of experience in the construction field. The timing was perfect for both of us when we came together.  He immediately upgraded the level of experience and knowledge to enable us to grow the types of services we have offered over the years. More importantly, he didn’t have to change his spots on how he represented the company and its capabilities.   Jeff and I both enjoy solving problems. Customers love his bedside manor and his detailed write ups. He really provides a great blueprint for anyone to understand their situation… while also being offered potential solutions.

We try and spend a lot of time up front trying to help our potential customers understand their situation, while all along evaluating whether or not WE are a good fit for you.  Jeff and I, as the primary point people for most initial contacts on the residential side of our business, truly enjoy getting to know our clients and their unique situation.

Everyone has different priorities…thank goodness!!  Taking the time to identify and understand them is just prudent.  It is not that hard to do…if you are not in a hurry and if we both ask a lot of good questions, together, we can develop good answers.

When we instituted our free Lifetime Crawlspace Monitoring Program… we accepted and understood that we will be working with you for the foreseeable future.  As such, we want our relationship to be built on a good understanding of how we go about our business while developing an understanding of YOUR unique priorities.  

Once those two things are on the table, we can decide if there is a solid basis for a working relationship…which is intended to last for a long time.

TJ Pfister joined us earlier this year to help develop our Commercial and Remodeling Division which we operate under The Solutions Group Inc.  TJ earned his degree in Civil Engineering from UNC Charlotte and grew up in his family’s Commercial and Industrial contracting business based in the Greensboro area.  We see ourselves developing a relationship with Pfister Construction as we expand towards the Triad area and they look towards the Triangle for opportunities. TJ shares Jeff and my approach to dealing with clients.  No selling here…just good listening and developing solid, logical and efficient approaches to projects that we can handle… and handle up to our standards that we have earned and developed over the past 14 years of being in business.

Our ability to execute on the production side is the key to any company being able to stay in business a long time…and to keep the phone ringing for the right reasons.

Our production manager, Nick Flint, is the perfect piece to ensuring happy customers.  Nick acts as the conduit between our crew, customer, myself and Jeff on the residential side and he shares commercial production experience to help TJ formulate plans for those projects.  Nick truly enjoys what he does and has the inner fire for perfection toward the end product, whether it is a crawl space remediation project and/or kitchen remodel. Using the term Artisan with Nick is appropriate.  He cut his teeth as a carpenter in New York City and has run his own business for the past 15 years before moving here to set up shop in the Triangle for the long haul.

Ryan Walker and Justin Worst are the leaders of labor team and are some hard working dudes.  They set high standards and make sure everyone that works on our job sites enjoys what they do…and completes projects up to our standards.  Our two recent additions, Ward Hosier and Matt Kauther have stepped right in and added their past construction experience to the team.

This team takes pride in their work and truth be told, are what keep us in good stead with our clients.  I’ve been in business almost 14 years now, and this is the team I envisioned as I have worked through the growing process and becoming a Licensed GC.

I was lucky enough to have my son Markham to join the company after he graduated from App State in 2016.  I have really enjoyed and benefited from his willingness to help me manage things in the office and oversee our new CRM software for our customer data base… as well as getting out in the field when we need him!!

And then of course there is Mary, my first employee, who happens to be my wife of 34 years.  Anyone who starts a business from scratch knows all too well how important it is to have someone that supports you unconditionally, and that is her.  Always available to help out any way she could…and always understanding when I was not.

Yup, I got pretty lucky here and feel like I have assembled a team that can help me stay in business for awhile…paying forward when we can…but most importantly letting people know that there is a company out there that you can trust that really does take pride in its work and the commitment to establishing great relationships with all of our clients.

Here’s a link to some beautiful pictures of the crew: